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About Revell Research Systems

Revell Research Systems (RRS) is an impartial and independent management and technology consulting practice. We offer a unique balance of management and computer consultancy.

We only provide advice and do not sell any products, except those produced by us for our clients.

We are a professional service firm. All the assignments that the practice undertakes are managed by a Chartered IT Professional (CITP).

We specialise in four distinct areas: strategy development, systems engineering, networking and software development.

Although we are based in Exeter in Devon, we work across the United Kingdom delivering tailor-made solutions to our clients. Typical solutions include IT Support, IT Strategy Advice, Web Design, Software Development and Technical Audits.

Revell Research Systems was establised in 1985 by Alastair Revell shortly before he matriculated at the University of Birmingham. He graduated in 1988 and continued to build his consulting practice into the firm that it is today.

You can learn more about Revell Research Systems by visiting our main web site:-

Revell Research Systems