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About Podcasting

Podcasts are a fairly recent innovation.

They are similar to blogs, except that they consist of audio content instead of (or in addition to) text and pictures. They are like a radio broadcast that you can simply download on demand to listen to or you can just subscribe to receive them automatically.

The term podcast was coined because the early podcasts were designed for playback on i-pods after being broadcast to subscribers over the Internet.

You can listen to podcasts on your PC or you can download them to your i-Pod, phone or other portable audio player to listen to them on the move.

The portability of podcasts has been an important element in their rapid adoption by millions of people across the World. You can receive important and timely information while on the move, be that while you are commuting on the bus or train, or while you drive to work.

The podcasts created by Revell Research Systems are accompanied with a transcript should you prefer to read rather than listen to them.